April 9, 2014

Sumire Japanese Restaurant

Shop 30 Centro Pinelands Plaza

D and I were too lazy to cook last week so we wandered down to Pinelands in the hope of finding something new and amazing. The only place we normally go to there is Lee's House - Korean BBQ but we thought we'd branch out. Sumire is right next door and the menu accompanied by photos in the window looked promising.

D ordered the dinner box which consisted of unagi on rice, tempura, agedashi tofu, miso soup and sashimi $21.80. As you can see, the pieces of unagi were pretty sad looking, barely a mouthful - very different to the photo in the window! The sashimi was thin, not very fresh at all and flavourless. The tempura batter was very thick - nothing at all like what tempura should be. The batter on the tofu was also very thick although the sauce was sweet and had good flavour. Miso soup was well, miso soup.

I ordered the Sumire don which is an assortment of goodies on a bed of rice $15.90 (sorry I don't know how to rotate the photo!). Similar to D's sashimi, my pieces were small, thin, bland. The tuna looked pale and sad. I had one small piece of unagi, 1 prawn, 1 piece of octopus tentacle? There was barely anything in there really, although the rice was yummy lol.

I get so SO sad whenever we eat out and it's disappointing. Instant food regret. We should've just gone to the Korean BBQ next door. Our favourite Japanese place is just around the corner and down the road as well, but it is a fair bit more expensive - but so much better. Anyway, we live, we learn and we definitely will not be back!

April 7, 2014

We Got Married!

PS. We got married! Our wedding day was perfect - it was pure bliss and I felt like I was in a love bubble all day and night.

EDIT: Our AMAZING photographer Van Middleton did a blog post of our wedding where you can see more photos. Link HERE.

We honeymooned in Bora Bora - the most amazing, beautiful, mystical place in the world. Every single part of it was perfect. The warm air, light breeze, gentle sun, gorgeous crystal clear water, white sands, our overwater bungalow with a glass bottom.

Ok so I didn't take this photo but this was basically our view from the balcony of our bungalow for a week. Photos just don't do it justice.

April 4, 2014

Oh hello there!

I think I win award for most consistent blogger ever - don't you agree?! Whoops. It's been about a year. And we are in a different abode! Yes! We moved from our townhouse to an actual house in November 2013. We are currently renting out our townhouse and enjoying the pleasure of having tenant, maintenance and body corporate issues. Oh the joys.

We LOVE our new house. It is open plan with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and double garage. Patio, flat block of land (we are not a fan of hills) and very low maintenance yards. Maddy loves the space and so do we. I love our decent sized kitchen complete with stone bench tops (so much love) and the natural light and fresh air we get thanks to the many large windows.

Maddy says hi! Sadly the giraffe is no longer with us. It was de-squeaked and shredded quite promptly.

April 27, 2013

Weekend Ritual

Do you have a weekend or maybe even a weekday ritual or habit? Our household has a lazy Saturday morning policy. We wake up,  head downstairs for breakfast and park ourselves on the couch until late morning where we then get lunch together.

Our couch time is when D and I chat, go over our week just passed and the week to come, surf the net, watch terrible morning shows and generally laze and relax. Maddy happily joins us and usually snuggles and naps with us.

I love our Saturday mornings.

April 21, 2013

Great Expectations

I am officially losing my mind. Every second of every minute of every day all I think about is the wedding. What will go right,  what will go wrong, what its going to be like,  who will wear what, who will say what. Yeah.  Crazy talk in over drive.

There's just so much pressure for everything to be perfect. The perfect dress,  hair,  make up, cake, music, speech, vows, weather, everything.

I have learnt to accept that not everything will be perfect and to not care what goes wrong. It's all out of my control anyway. As long as at the end of the day both D and I are married and happy,  nothing else matters.

Then there's this other expectation you see in photos, movies,  magazines, read in books,  hear in conversations: that it has to be the best day of your life. What if it isn't? I will be happy and full of love but that won't necessarily mean it's the best day of my life. Does that mean I fail as a bride?

I don't like fuss and attention and I love and genuinely enjoy the little things in life. Like the warm sun on my skin,  cuddles and snuggles with maddy. Heart to heart conversations with D and noisy family dinners.

To date the best day of my life would be the day we took maddy home. The love and awe I felt for this tiny puppy in my lap was so overwhelming.

Will our wedding match up to that? I know I need to stop thinking. Stop comparing. And really,  just stop caring and go with the flow. But it's much easier said than done.

I love autumn!

My favourite time of the year! The days are bright, warm, sunny and just beautiful. The nights are crisp and perfect for snuggling. I have been having endless cups of tea and snuggling with the little critter below all weekend with sessions of sun baking every now and then to soak up some vitamin D.

Less than a month till our wedding now! I'm in two minds. One minute I am calm, happy, excited. The next I am anxious, edgy and irritated! I'm hoping on the day I will be the former!

Went to the alteration place yesterday to get it taken up. Pleased to say that although I have put on a bit of weight lately I still fit and the weight doesn't show yay. The more I look at and put on my dress the more I love it. It's so me. Hope D loves it just as much.

March 22, 2013

Bad blogger of the year!

If that was an award I would probably win it for consistently going AWOL. Here's a run down on my life since I last blogged, not necessarily in order either.

- was sick with the flu, pressured to go to work, got even worse. Took time off, recovered, went back to work, left less than an hour later with vomiting. Made to feel guilty about taking sick leave - what's with that?! It's not like I enjoy being sick, or am laying on a beach sipping cocktails, or am recovering from a crazy drink binge. I am legit sick!

- had my hair trial last week, loved it! Am having curls with a sort of half up half down.

- make up trial is tomorrow, looking forward to it but I really struggle when it comes to other people applying eye makeup on me I get all itchy and twitchy.

- less than two months to the wedding (how did that happen) and am rounding up RSVPs. Why is it so difficult to pry RSVPs from people. They had all my contact details.

- have booked my "hens". Hate calling it that because I hate hens events. Have called it an afternoon delight instead. I will be having dessert and champagne at a dessert cafe, followed by drinks at some posh bars. Planning on wearing black bandage skirt, and a sheer long sleeved top with gold sequin collar. Will have a friend organise games.

- have been snuggling with my Maddy lots, I just love her so so much!