April 9, 2014

Sumire Japanese Restaurant

Shop 30 Centro Pinelands Plaza

D and I were too lazy to cook last week so we wandered down to Pinelands in the hope of finding something new and amazing. The only place we normally go to there is Lee's House - Korean BBQ but we thought we'd branch out. Sumire is right next door and the menu accompanied by photos in the window looked promising.

D ordered the dinner box which consisted of unagi on rice, tempura, agedashi tofu, miso soup and sashimi $21.80. As you can see, the pieces of unagi were pretty sad looking, barely a mouthful - very different to the photo in the window! The sashimi was thin, not very fresh at all and flavourless. The tempura batter was very thick - nothing at all like what tempura should be. The batter on the tofu was also very thick although the sauce was sweet and had good flavour. Miso soup was well, miso soup.

I ordered the Sumire don which is an assortment of goodies on a bed of rice $15.90 (sorry I don't know how to rotate the photo!). Similar to D's sashimi, my pieces were small, thin, bland. The tuna looked pale and sad. I had one small piece of unagi, 1 prawn, 1 piece of octopus tentacle? There was barely anything in there really, although the rice was yummy lol.

I get so SO sad whenever we eat out and it's disappointing. Instant food regret. We should've just gone to the Korean BBQ next door. Our favourite Japanese place is just around the corner and down the road as well, but it is a fair bit more expensive - but so much better. Anyway, we live, we learn and we definitely will not be back!

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